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  • What are premium cigars, and why should I choose them?
    Premium cigars are handmade bundles of dried and fermented 100% natural tobacco leaves that have been aged to perfection. Unlike convenience store cigars, premium cigars offer superior quality, flavor, and craftsmanship. Choosing premium cigars ensures a more enjoyable and satisfying experience. Learn more!
  • Can I bring my own food to the lounge?
    Absolutely! While we don't serve or sell food, you are welcome to bring your own snacks or meals to enjoy while savoring our premium cigars in our comfortable lounge environment.
  • What is cigar education?
    Cigar education is our commitment to provide continual avenues to learn more about the tobacco leaf and cigars via our lounge information monitor and activities, which include cigar etiquette classes, seminars, pairings and more. Learn more!
  • How do you ensure good ventilation in the lounge?
    We have invested in a high-end ventilation system that continuously exchanges out air in our lounge. This provides a comfortable environment for our patrons to enjoy their Cigar Experience.
  • What is the membership all about, and how can I become a member?
    Membership at The Leaf Cigar Emporium offers exclusive privileges and benefits. While it is not mandatory to enjoy our lounge, we do offer a limited number of memberships based on the availability of lockers. To become a member, please inquire at our establishment or contact us for more details.
  • Is there a dress code?
    No. Come as you are, whether you are coming from work, the grocery store or date night dinner, you are ready for a good cigar.
  • What is the cigar community?
    The cigar community is YOU and all the other cigar enthusiasts who enjoy the comradery and relaxation that cigars bring.
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